Wednesday, October 29, 2008


So the Ninja's fixed, turns out both rear motor mount bolts were broke. No idea how that could've happened. Took a trip up north on it with Craig the day after I replaced the bolts and it worked like a champ. Weather was cold and rainy though.

The Honda is running great after the valve adjustment (maybe it's first) and the short crossover pipes installed. Put them back on after scraping the 4 into 1 on the pavement whenever I made a right turn. Ground clearance obviously was not a high priority in the 70's. It also has turn signals due to a request from the fiance.

The Triumph has made the trip from Kato to the big city. Not under it's own power, in pieces in the back of the jeep. But it's here and my garage has a brand new kerosene heater and kick ass rolling toolbox, full of tools even. So expect progress reports, pics from the trip and evolution of the chopper and Honda and other useless info.