Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Hell yeah! New carbs. One of the first items I sold off the engine were the Amal carbs. I knew I did not want those leaky bastards on any bike I owned. So, with a little patience and a lot of interweb searching I found a set of 34mm Mikuni's. They have all new internals and K&N filters. Should make that engine run nice and they're much easier to tune than the originals. Plus jets, needles, etc are readily available if needed.

Got the cam bushings and cams installed. Now I need to move some bearings and races over from the existing cases to the new cases. Once that is done I can assemble the low end and maybe even the top end on my own. I'm leaving the goddamn transmission to the shop. As far as I can tell you need 3 hands with 8 fingers on each to properly install it. Plus, the shop may be able to start the engine and tune on their bench. That would move things ahead quite a bit.