Saturday, December 28, 2013


Ordered some new parts to move things along on the Triumph last week. They include; new cam bushings so I can get the engine put back together,  14", yes, 14" ape hanger handlebars and some head stays so the engine doesn't shake loose from the frame. This bike is going to be small with a looong reach. with the 4" risers that will give 18" of rise. See what I did there with math? That coupled with the super low seat hight, 24" give or take, and the forward controls will give a nice stretched out ride to a freakishly tall friend. I may not be able to test ride it, I'm just a little fella.

Found a great vintage Triumph shop up here that can help if I get stuck with anything. If things go well I should be able to bring the frame to the welder towards the end of February and have it rolling with engine in by March. I think I need the world's coolest sissy bar before that though. Hint to someone who may be reading this blog... We could also drink some beers and sit in the garage and stare at it for a while. That's always fun.

Other things that have popped up -

Need new front brake shoes for the mini spool hub.

Need to build new long cables for the brake, clutch, and throttle.

New tires are a must. Old ones are hard as a rock.

Need custom spacers for the triple tree.

Need to build new brake and shifter hardware for the forward controls.

Lots of work to be done but should go a little faster after I get over the hump (engine).

No pics this time, not much new to see. Still a pile of parts that need assembly.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Triumph Engine Rebuild

Here you go Mark. One stop for the progress of the your chopper. Here are some pice of the engine, I worked on it a bit this morning. I'm going to need to have some work done on it by others this week. There was a crack in the transmission case that I didn't feel comfortable having repaired so I got some different cases for it. I need to take them in to get new cam bushings and have them matched. When that's done I can get the majority of it back together. Then it's back to the shop for transmission installation. It's not easy cramming all those gears into that space and they do it all the time, it won't take them long at all and the indexing will be spot on. The transmission is new, the '72 triumph 5 speeds had an exploding gear feature, the new one does not have that.

This blog should get a little more exciting after the engine is done and we start welding stuff to the frame and making it look like a chopper again. speaking of the frame and such. I've found some 16" bars for you, I've got some 1" risers that will pair up with them well. I have some forward controls laying around too, we'll use those. That'll give you a nice stretched out ride. It will be right hand shift and left brake. Don't get them mixed up! In Wisconsin you need turn signals so I'll be installing some bar end signals I found they used to put on old BMWs. The seat is a piece of butt shaped metal with a piece of leather on it. No frills but cool as hell. It'll have no battery, there is a large capacitor in the ignition that will provide enough power for everything as long as it's running. That does add 2 kicks to your pre flight to charge the cap though. Small price to pay for being cool. For tins I have an original '66 tank(cost = 1 arm + 1 leg) with center rib and a matching fender I had made. Should look sweet. The tank was modified in the 70's with a badass tiny scoop on the left side. Not sure what that was all about. Good drugs maybe. I think that will be going away. 

Crank shaft and rods with new bearings. Ready to install.

 New cases, ready to take to the shop for matching and new bushings.

 Old case with cam gears, removed them today.

 Well used vintage shop manual for reference.