Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Long time no...

...anything really. It's been a rough year, lots of change, not much got done. I'm just now starting to get out in the garage again. It will be nice to get some of the projects out and about. First up, Wife's Aprilia Scarabeo 150. We purchased this a while back with a blown engine. I got to the assembly piont and found out the cylinder I received was for a smaller engine. It was used, and it came from Italy, so I'll chalk that up to a learning experience. But, the engine fairy sent a gently(hopefully) used power plant to eBay. I was fortunate enough to be the high bidder. Surprisingly, there were 2 of us who needed this engine, but I guess I needed it more.

Last weekend, after wiring up new lights for the shop and starting up the kerosene heater I assembled the rear half of the scooter. I ordered a used exhaust system today and after that comes in I should be able to join the 2 halves. Then on to the conglomeration of hoses and wiring. Should be running before long. Will be a fun spring for Wife.

I've got some other things on tap. Friend's Honda CB450 that needs to be finished for the new riding season and the mother of all projects. The Goddamn Triumph.